michelle dockery manhattan magazine 'Downton Abbey's' Michelle Dockery loves that Lady Mary is 'so complex'Gorgeous “Downton Abbey” star Michelle Dockery is gracing the pages of Modern Luxury’s March 2014 issue of Manhattan magazine, where inside she talks about her audition for the uber-popular British period drama and what she loves about playing aristocrat Lady Mary Crawley.

On her audition for “Downton Abbey,” after running into future co-star Dan Stevens:
asked him who he was reading for, and he said Matthew, and he asked me
who I was reading for, and I said Mary. I remember thinking, ‘This could work.'”

On why she loves her character, Lady Mary Crawley:

love that she’s so complex. She’s very modern in that sense because
she’s more than a strong woman: She’s witty, vicious even. She doesn’t
suffer fools, yet she’s sensitive. She’s a mixed bag, and I enjoy
playing those sides of her. … I also love [that] she doesn’t
apologize for who she is or what she’s done. She might confess a doubt
to Anna [her trusted lady’s maid] in private, but in public? Never.”

On working on “Non-Stop,” her first big-budget Hollywood role:
“It was an entirely new experience — the film, living in New York and working in a studio where they pretty much built a plane.”

“Non-Stop” is in theaters now and “Downton Abbey” is currently filming Season 5.

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