SarahpalinIn case you care, Dr. Laura Schlessinger is  disappointed by John McCain‘s choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for VP.   

On her blog, she writes:

"I’m stunned — couldn’t the Republican Party find one competent female with adult children to run for Vice President with McCain? I realize his advisors probably didn’t want a ‘mature’ woman, as the Democrats keep harping on his age. But really, what kind of role model is a woman whose fifth child was recently born with a serious issue, Down Syndrome, and then goes back to the job of Governor within days of the birth?"

She’s also haunted by the Palins’ political photo-ops, featuring "the eldest daughter, now pregnant with her own child, cuddling the family’s newborn."

She feels that when Mom and Dad both work full-time (no matter how many folks get involved with the children), the situation turns "chaotic."

"Certainly, if a child becomes ill and is rushed to the hospital, and you’re on the hot line with both Israel and Iran as nuclear tempers are flaring, where’s your attention going to be? Where should your attention be? Well, once you put your hand on the Bible and make that oath, your attention has to be with the government of the United States of America."

Despite her misgivings and concerns, Dr. Laura is still voting for McCain over that "elitist" Barack Obama.


What do you think about Sarah Palin’s extended family demands?  Does it matter? Will it affect your vote? Should McCain have found a female candidate without young children with special needs?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead