dr-oz-erection-good-housekeeping-boner-penis-pasta-small.jpgDr. Oz is fighting the battle of the bulge. A spread in the April edition of Good Housekeeping featuring Dr. Oz left a lot of folks questioning the, uh, noticeable protrusion in the good doctor’s pants. And his wife was one of those inquiring minds.

“What do you think of all the attention your moose knuckle is getting?” “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen asks Dr. Oz during the Bravo talk show Tuesday (May 22) night.

In the photo in question (see the full pic below), Dr. Oz is seen smelling a delicious-looking bowl of pasta — and it must have been really good pasta.

“My wife called me up saying ‘What is going on? Don’t you pay attention?'” he says. “I’m holding a bowl of pasta — it’s very exciting for me to do that.”

That man loves his pasta.

dr oz erection good housekeeping Dr. Oz admits to erection in Good Housekeeping pic

Posted by:Jennifer Harper