dr mehmet oz getty Dr. Oz: High arsenic levels found in baby formulaDr. Mehmet Oz has been trying to educate the public about arsenic levels in food for more than a year, but on Thursday he appeared on “Today” to talk about a new report that found high levels of arsenic in “organic” baby formula.

The report, from Dartmouth University, found high levels of the chemical — which has been linked to cancer, chronic diseases and developmental problems — in foods that list “organic brown rice syrup” as a primary ingredient.

One formula tested contained twice the amount of inorganic arsenic allowed in drinking water, reports MSNBC. Cereal bars were also cited in the report, with many high-energy foods testing at 8 to 17 times the legal limit imposed on drinking water.

Dr. Oz came under fire in 2011 when he commissioned a report on the levels of arsenic in fruit juices. Apple juice contains some acceptable levels of organic arsenic which are not considered harmful in small amounts.

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Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson