Health guru Dr. Mehmet Oz has just come off a very successful first season on “The Dr. Oz Show.” Oprah Winfrey’s featured health expert has gone on to win his own Emmy and his talk show has garnered strong ratings. Yet, the host says that in Season 2 he’ll be addressing one of the weaknesses he found in the freshman season with the announcement of his “11 Weeks to Move It and Lose It” weight loss challenge Monday (Dec. 20).
“We’re going to tell you where we think you can get to if you follow the plan,” Dr. Oz tells Zap2it. “And our expectation is that it’s a rational goal for you and you’re going to get there.”
The weight loss challenge launches with Season 2 of the hit talk show on Jan. 3. Dr. Oz began working with Nike in July to create an online weight loss initiative, which boasts customized tools, more than 70,000 recipes and workouts to help fans lose the excess baggage. Dr. Oz hopes the challenge will help the show in communicating the importance of physical activity.
“By it’s very definition, if you’re watching TV, you’re not exercising,” Dr. Oz says. “I wanted people to understand how important it is to get some physical activity. So, we tried. I dance, making a fool of myself half the time, trying to do dance steps with really talented people and often without success. So, I thought, why don’t we take a different tactic?”


Ultimately, Dr. Oz says 11 weeks are enough to see some major changes. “Let’s just say you’re [50 years old], 35 pounds overweight and we say you can lose more than half of that in 11 weeks,” he uses as an example. “That gets you into a range when you no longer have high blood pressure, your cholesterol numbers get better, you can get off your medications. My personal criteria for success is that you get there, but more importantly that you get off the medications that you’re on.”
So, why does Dr. Oz think this plan will work for those who have tried to lose weight and failed? 

“It’s fun. It’s playful. It’s cool. It’s hip,” Dr. Oz says of the challenge. “People don’t do things that are painful every day… What we have to do is make the whole process an enjoyable one. And so, by making it colorful, bringing trainers into your home for free, we one by one take away all the excuses you’d normally make. And when those excuses are all gone, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘all right, it’s me. I’m the excuse and I’m not going to let myself beat myself.'”
Tune in to “The Dr. Oz Show” Season 2 premiere on Jan. 3 for the official launch of his 11-week weight loss challenge. And to join Dr. Oz’s “Move It and Lose It” 11-week weight loss challenge, visit the website.
Will you be joining Dr. Oz to lose the weight in 2011?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog