dr phil anthony parents Dr. Phil interviews Casey Anthony's parentsIn an interview set to air on Tuesday and Wednesday (Sept. 13 and 14), Casey Anthony’s parents tell Dr. Phil McGraw that their daughter may have suffered from a grand mal seizure when their grandchild, Caylee Anthony, drowned in a Florida swimming pool.

This is the first time Cindy and George Anthony have sat for a taped interview since their daughter was acquitted of killing her child.

In the interview, McGraw quizzes the Anthonys about why they weren’t more suspicious about their granddaughter’s whereabouts when they hadn’t seen her for weeks.

“You pick up [Casey’s] car and smell what smells like a dead body,” says McGraw to Cindy Anthony. “Then you Febreze the trunk and go to work. Does it seem like you missed huge signals?”

Stay tuned to “Dr. Phil” (check local listings) for her answer.

According to FOX News, Casey is “deeply upset that her parents continue to seek the spotlight,” and “just wants her mom to be her mom.”

Note: The interview was originally scheduled to air on Monday, but was bumped by U.S. Open coverage.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson