Dr-Phil.jpgDIY isn’t generally what one thinks of when the word “vasectomy” comes up. Really, surgery of any kind is best done by someone else. Still, lest you think that Dr. Phil is a masochist, we should explain.

In an interview with Newsweek, the good doctor talks about the biggest regret of his life. When his wife Robin was first pregnant, he decided to get a vasectomy. So, did he go to a hospital? A clinic? Nope. He was in New York with a buddy who said, “The office closes at 5–why don’t you come in and we’ll do your vasectomy?”

Yeah, sure! Why don’t you come in, get some things snipped around your reproductive organs, we’ll toss you in a car, Bob’s your uncle, good night and good luck! Well, that’s kind of what happened. Dr. Phil says that there wasn’t even a nurse, so he had to assist by handing the doctor instruments.

Read that again. Dr. Phil assisted with his own vasectomy. He actually said, “It’s painful when they kind of pull on it.” Well, yes. Because … oh Dr. Phil. We know you’re a therapist, but perhaps you should keep some things to yourself. Like your DIY snipping. He said that the doctor put him in the car with an ice pack on his junk, leaving him to drive to the airport himself.

As you know, the doctor and his wife have two sons, meaning he got that puppy reversed. He didn’t mention anything about helping out with that one, but he does mention that his wife was so happy that she jumped on his lap. Aww, thanks for sharing. Don’t ever do it again.

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