dracula season 1 finale 'Dracula' season finale: Was the bloody massacre boring or thrilling?

NBC’s “Dracula” Season 1 ended on Friday (Jan. 24) with a bloody finale. But did the freshman series manage to make a massacre kind of … well, boring?

The Jonathan Rhys Meyers led drama ended its first season with a bang, literally. During Grayson’s public demonstration of his energy resonator, Harker and his cronies sabotage the device, setting it to blow five minutes after it gets turned on. He manages to warn Mina, who in turn warns Grayson, but he is unable to stop the explosion that kills and injures hundreds. Mina and Harker get away safely, but Mina can’t even look at the man responsible for the murder and devastation that surrounds them.

Meanwhile, Lady Jayne brings in a seer to locate all the vampire nests in the city while the hunstmen hunt them down. He locates Dracula, and Jayne realizes Grayson’s real nature. She tracks him down after the explosion, and after they spar for a bit, he gets the upper hand and impales her. She begs him not to turn her, so he drinks her blood and kills her.

Later that night, Mina goes to Grayson’s home and finds him alive, to her relief. They end up sleeping together.

Also, Van Helsing destroys his lab, stabs Renfield, and kidnaps Browning, only to have him get eaten by his own kids who Van Helsing turned into vampires. He then tells Harker the truth about Grayson (that he’s actually Dracula). Plus, Lucy — also now a vampire — attacks her mother.

While “Dracula” certainly ended its first season with drama and action, the whole episode felt slow and lingered too long on the presentation of Grayson’s energy resonator. Did you think the Season 1 finale was boring? Or was the action enough to thrill you?

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum