The warrior/poet's untimely demise. Taj and Erinn certainly aren’t fooled by Coach, but they are not the controlling interest in the alliance, and although JT seems to be committed to voting for Erinn, Steve isn’t so sure. Would Steve really not vote with JT? Is this the start of a split between the two? Only tribal knows for sure.

At tribal, Jeff asks Erinn about her comments to Coach before his exile, and Coach uses the opportunity to continue his grandstanding and quoting ways. And OH MY GOD HE WROTE A POEM! This guy is brilliant, honestly, "Survivor’s" never seen another like him. And we won’t see him again as Coach becomes the next person voted off of "Survivor: Tocantins."

So, the take away is that for the first time since the merge, JT and Steve have split their vote. JT did not look very happy about this, not at all. Maybe a Steve and JT final two isn’t a foregone conclusion. And for Coach, all I have for you is my appreciation for the social and personal dysfunction that you have shared with America. See you all on Sunday night!

Posted by:Andrew Stubinski