Jt_survivortocantins_290 Only two more episodes of "Survivor: Tocantins" to go, and the big question seems to be, “will Coach make it to the final two?” As longtime "Survivor" fans will remember, there is a danger in taking an unpopular player into that kind of situation. Remember Richard Hatch? He’s out of jail now, so if you don’t, you can expect to see him popping up on the telly at some point. Personally, I think Steve and JT’s alliance is too strong for either of them to take Coach to the top of the mountain. But, that doesn’t prevent Coach from stealing the final immunity challenge and earning his way into the F2.

Coach’s game plan. Coach is shocked to find out that Debbie was trying to take him down. And he takes the outcome as a sign that JT and Steve are trying to protect him, and they seem happy enough to let him believe that. All the same Coach appears to be resigned to the possibility that he may be eliminated soon. I’m thinking that’s his first check-in with reality in a loooong time.

Coach is making his attempt at gamesmanship, complaining about his lungs, his back, etc. Right, Coach, why have I not heard about any of this before? All of a sudden you've got all of these health issues right as you're beginning to be concerned about being eliminated. Coach is also afraid of going to exile. Wow, he’s actually gone from annoying to delusional to pathetic.

Reward challenge comes with the opportunity to win a night away from camp, and send someone to Exile Island. JT displays an uncanny ability to navigate his way through the maze-based challenge. Coach simply follows JT the whole way through. Some leader, can’t even make his own way through a maze. I swear I’ve never seen such a gross discrepancy between what a person says and what they do. Is there a sadder person on the planet? Nonetheless, JT easily wins the reward.

Coach is selected to go into exile, and naturally, he uses the opportunity to make a passive-aggressive martyr out of himself. Erinn calls him on it, and he goes on a tirade about what awful shape he’s in, and how he’s disappointed in Erinn. Just shut up and go away, loser.

Erinn_survivortocantins_290  Dragon Slayer goes solo. Erinn is feeling guilty about her comments, and Taj is there to validate her response to Coach. Still, Erinn is worried about being eliminated before Coach. Do JT and Steve have a soft spot for old Coach? I don’t know. JT seemed to be miffed about Erinn’s comments. We’ll find out when elimination comes tonight.

Ever cognizant of the fact that the cameras are always around, Coach takes his act to the next level while he’s in exile. HE’S ACTUALLY TALKING ABOUT HIMSELF IN THE THIRD PERSON!!! This guy is unbelievable, he thinks he’s on stage getting all kinds of applause, but he doesn’t realize that the whole world is laughing at him.

Meanwhile, JT and Steve enjoy their reward at the governor’s mansion, and they take the opportunity to soak up the opulence. The food looks truly delicious, and they don’t go lightly into the night. JT states that he would take Coach into the final three, and Stephen seems to be very interested in taking down Erinn.

We endure Coach, Coach endures pain.
Coach is limping his way through his time in exile, and he’s talking way too much rubbish for me to pick him up on all of it. But I will say that I love the way he limped into the immunity challenge, he’s playing his part to the hilt. The challenge is one of endurance and balance. Coach is running his mouth, and Erinn and Taj look like they’ve had their fill. Before too long, everyone except JT and Coach have dropped out. Nearly an hour has passed before Coach’s endurance finally fails him and he drops to the ground, writhing in pain. Sorry man, I just can’t buy it. And you won’t let medical look at you? Are you kidding me?  You’re done.  I can’t believe that Steve and JT are actually buying into this guy’s act.

Coach_survivortocantins_290  The warrior/poet's untimely demise.
Taj and Erinn certainly aren’t fooled by Coach, but they are not the controlling interest in the alliance, and although JT seems to be committed to voting for Erinn, Steve isn’t so sure. Would Steve really not vote with JT? Is this the start of a split between the two? Only tribal knows for sure.

At tribal, Jeff asks Erinn about her comments to Coach before his exile, and Coach uses the opportunity to continue his grandstanding and quoting ways. And OH MY GOD HE WROTE A POEM! This guy is brilliant, honestly, "Survivor’s" never seen another like him. And we won’t see him again as Coach becomes the next person voted off of "Survivor: Tocantins."

So, the take away is that for the first time since the merge, JT and Steve have split their vote. JT did not look very happy about this, not at all. Maybe a Steve and JT final two isn’t a foregone conclusion. And for Coach, all I have for you is my appreciation for the social and personal dysfunction that you have shared with America. See you all on Sunday night!

Posted by:Andrew Stubinski