drake chris brown feud gq Drake thinks his Chris Brown feud might 'end really badly'

It’s been over a year since Drake and Chris Brown had their New York City nightclub brawl, and the two musicians still haven’t let that bad blood go. As recently as two months ago Drake was trash talking Brown, and Brown hasn’t been an angel in the situation either. But now Drake has come forward to say he’d like to move away from his conflict with Rihanna‘s former beau.

“I don’t want my name to be synonymous with that guy’s name. I really don’t,” Drake tells GQ. “I wish we could sit down, just like you and me are right now, and talk it out man-to-man. But that’s not going to happen. I’m not confrontational, but if someone challenges, I’m not going to back down.”

He continues, “It’s embarrassing, the amount of media coverage. Two rappers fighting over the woman. He’s not even a rapper, but still, it’s the last way you want your name out there. It distracts from the music. But he’s made me the enemy, and that’s the way it’s gonna stay, I guess. … If I think about it too much, I feel it wrapping around my foot, like I get a feeling it could end really badly.”

During the interview, Drake won’t bring up the subject of Rihanna. The closest he gets to talking about her is saying, “I hear [Brown] has everything he could want now,” since Rihanna and Brown were an item at the time the interview took place.

There’s no such woman in Drake’s life. In fact, a dinner conversation with Will Smith led him to believe he might not even know what love actually is.

“I had lunch with Will Smith, and listening to him talk, it made me think I don’t know what love is,” Drake admits. “He said something profound. He said love is when you become one and you need that person. It’s not about wanting anymore, you need that person. Hearing that, I don’t know if I’ve ever felt that way. I’ve held women in very high regard almost to the point where I felt like I needed them for a very long time, but I don’t know if I comprehend it yet, and I’m okay with that.”

He adds of his sex life, “You know the way fighters don’t f*** before the fight? Sometimes I feel like I’m so focused on training my body and getting my mind right to create this album that sex isn’t one of my main priorities. If someone is around that I know and trust, I’m down. But I’m not going to end up with some stranger at this party.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz