drake gi Drake's 'Take Care' leaks online a week early“Take Care,” Drake’s upcoming album, due to hit stores and iTunes on Nov. 15, leaked online in its entirety on Sunday (Nov. 6). And rather than ask fans to ignore the tracks, Drake himself tweeted that fans should, “Listen, enjoy it, buy it if you like it.”

The Washington Post describes “Take Care” as “one of the most anticipated albums of 2011.” It includes collaborations with Rihanna and rapper Rick Ross — and the two tracks featuring them were the first to be leaked.

The album has already inspired the trending Twitter hashtag #TakeCareComesWith, which has inspired answers ranging from “10 interludes of Drake crying” to “1-8 seasons of Degrassi” (the show on which Drake got his start).

Fans are also sharing their reaction to the new songs:

“OH MY GOD. OMGOMG. ‘Take Care’ by Drake & Rihanna is outttt. omgomg. it’s so good. omg i can’t breathe. I LOVE IT,” tweets iBiebMinaj, obviously a fan.

Thought not all of the feedback was positive.

“‘Take Care’ aint all that. Its too much on the R&B side for me :,” wrote one fan.

Fair enough.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson