So, tonight on Las Vegas, Danny McCoy forgot to sign for a money transfer and the Montecito had no cash on hand. When the patrons found out, the entire casino pretty much went ballistic and were one step shy of grabbing pitchforks and torches and attacking Danny. Yeah, that would never happen in the real world.

It’s true that Las Vegas doesn’t particularly care about whether their plots are based in reality or not, but in this case Danny was just having a bad dream. Not as bad as the bad dream about Cooper delivering Delinda and Danny’s baby on the casino floor and having the child be far less Danny’s than Mike’s, but it was still a bad dream. That’s what the man gets for winning the President of Operations job and sleeping on his couch all the time. I don’t feel too bad though, he has to have a pretty good paycheck to go along with it.

Mike pushed the idea that Danny’s dreams were actually a premonition, that Danny’s life was going to go downhill, and fast. Mike’s argument was based on the fact that not only did Danny’s uncle, whom Danny had not seen in 20 years, show up drunk at the Montecito and start a fistfight, but also that a fire inspector came six weeks early to check the place out. Not really the strongest argument I’ve ever heard, and I don’t go in for premonition stuff anyway, but if Mike says something I’m always interested.

However, those stories didn’t particularly play out in favor of Mike’s premonition theory. Every infraction the inspector found at the Montecito was minor and he left without creating a stir. Then, as for Danny’s uncle, Danny had a wonderfully cathartic conversation with him and even invited the uncle over for dinner. It was so sweet and heart-warming and completely unnecessary.

On the other hand, Mike did have other things going for his premonition theory. Though Danny and Mike didn’t know it, there were some truly nefarious doings happening at the Montecito. A man showed up in a laundry service company uniform, went to the bathroom, changed into a maintenance uniform that had been stashed in said bathroom, and then started wandering around the back halls of the Montecito. Oh yeah, and that guy arrived in a truck that was carrying a group of men in paramilitary garb who had big old guns too. Their end goal was, as with all groups of well-armed men on Las Vegas to rob the casino. I think too many people in the show’s universe have watched, and wish to emulate, Ocean’s 11 or Ocean’s 13 (for whatever reason, I can’t quite be sure, they all seem to stay away from Ocean’s 12).

The paramilitary folks gassed the whole joint and put everyone on the floor of the Montecito to sleep just in time for the episode to end in fantastic "to be continued" style. Danny, of course, managed to stay awake longer than everyone else around him and successfully ripped the sleeve of one of the attackers and saw a tattoo on the attacker’s arm. I wonder if that tattoo may prove to be the crucial clue that helps Danny and the boys figure out whodunit in the next episode.

Did I have other thoughts on this episode that didn’t quite fit into the above discussion? Why yes, I did:

  • Why does Cooper wear the same suit in every episode? I know that last week he claimed that he was wearing a new suit, and I believe that Selleck’s wardrobe has many suits, but why do they all look exactly the same? Tom Selleck looks good in a suit, it fits him, but I’d like to see the suit change color every once in a while. And, I’m not counting the tux he had on at the end of the episode as a change, because that was a special occasion thing and not work garb.
  • Right after Cooper started having Sam do ridiculous things for Wyoming man trying to win the car, it was obvious that the guy had a history with Cooper, right? We all picked up on that, yes? Why does the show try to put things like that forward at the end of the episode as a surprise? And, why didn’t Sam pick up on the history? SPOILER ALERT Because, if she had, she may not have gotten fired at the end of the episode.
  • Mike referred to Danny’s uncle tonight as having done a "nickel stint in Arizona for aggravated assault." "Nickel stint?" Really? I don’t see Mike as a "nickel stint" kind of guy. I see Mike as "dropping a dime" on people, "ponying up the dough," and betting "dollars to donuts" kind of guy, but not a "nickel stint" one.

As for me, I always put my money where my mouth is. See what I mean over at The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews.

Posted by:Josh Lasser