dreamworks animation licenses trolls franchise dam things DreamWorks Animation plans a Trolls franchise

Remember Trolls? They were ugly little dolls with crazy, brightly colored hair that were super-popular for awhile in the ’90s. If DreamWorks Animation SKG has anything to say about it, you’re going to be seeing a whole lot more of the funky toys in the near future. The animation company has acquired the worldwide rights to license Trolls and related products.

The question is: Should they bother?

Sure, Trolls were one of those big fad toys that seem to pop up every couple of years. Like Cabbage Patch Kids, pogs and Beanie Babies, every kid in the universe had to have a Troll doll in their heyday. But that was a long time ago. Is the world ready to be inundated with Trolls again?

Unlike many franchises that production companies want to reboot, Trolls lack much in the way of a story. They just were. Originally naked, Trolls rapidly gained costumes of all sorts, but they were always generic types like “baseball player,” “bride” or “clown.” What exactly will DreamWorks come up with to make this into films?

In this era of constant reboots and of mining the past to bring us entertainment, no one seems to care. Deadline.com quotes DreamWorks chief operating officer Ann Daly as saying, “Trolls is a brand with over 50 years of deep heritage and we are thrilled to bring this iconic, multi-generational property to DreamWorks Animation.” Daly added that the plan was to “introduce these characters to legions of new fans around the world.”

Troll dolls began in 1959 when a poor Danish woodcutter, Thomas Dam, carved a doll for his daughter as a Christmas present. By the 1960s, the dolls represented one of the biggest toy crazes worldwide. They faded in popularity after that, only reemerging in the 1990s as a new trend.

Could Trolls be everywhere in the next couple of years? Hollywood has made stranger things happen.

Posted by:Laurel Brown