Drew Barrymore’s video for the indie band Best Coast premiered Tuesday (Aug. 2) and serves as sort of a throw back to some very classic tales starring some of young Hollywood’s hottest actors.

“The style and the look of the video that I really wanted to come alive
was my love of ‘The Outsiders’ and ‘West Side Story’ and ’50s and ’70s and
punk rock,” Barrymore tells MTV. “You can sorta combine all the genres and tones and bring in
lots of different elements and see how they work together.”

More of a short film than your average music video, “Our Deal,” is a bit of a modern day “Romeo & Juliet” featuring Chloe Moretz and Tyler Posey as the star-crossed lovers from two rival grafitti gangs– the Day Trotters and the Night Crawlers– who fall in love at first sight only to suffer some tragic consequences.

It’s a classic tale that has seen many incarnations, but Barrymore’s modern spin also manages to blend well with the band’s vibe.

“I think this song is so timeless and beautiful and one of the things I am most inspired by is timelessness and so I wanted to do a story that fit into that” she says.

“You can’t tell what era we’re living in,” says video star, Tyler Posey. “It could be way back or it could be now. Who knows?”

Posted by:Jen Blushi