drew brees valentines day gas tank twitter Drew Brees makes Valentine's Day mistake with Brittany DudchenkoIt appears New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and his wife had a Valentine’s Day adventure they weren’t exactly planning for. Actually, not planning may have been what prompted the mess Brees found himself in on the holiest of romantic holidays.

Drew tweeted a photo that shows him pouring gas from an emergency gas can into his Range Rover, which appears to be disabled in a painted median. Clad in track pants and a t-shirt, and wearing eye glasses and flip flops, it doesn’t seem he was dressed to leave the house.

The caption Brees put with the photo is indicative of the classic struggle between man and wife. “Words of advice to all husbands out there: don’t leave an empty tank of gas for your wife on Valentines Day,” Brees writes.

Since he included a happy face, it would seem all is still well on the home front. But we’re guessing Mrs. Brees, aka Brittany Dudchenko, wasn’t smiling when that fuel meter hit “E” for empty. Since she’s probably the one who snapped the picture, she either has a good sense of humor or plans to hold this no-no over Drew’s head for all of eternity.

Hey, at least Drew didn’t pull a Brad Pitt and get his wife a pack of breath mints for Valentine’s Day.

Posted by:mchance