Kerr Smith is a good dude. 

One might think that starring on a network TV show and making television history — first ever gay male kiss on primetime, “Dawson’s Creek” (May 2000) — would change a person. 
But as you’ll see in the segment below, Kerr is just a good time guy who likes to go to the bar with his boys, knock back a few beers, maybe meet some ladies, have a few laughs.   
I met up with him at his favorite haunt, The Venice Whaler, right on the beach here in L.A. and it didn’t take long to figure out why he’s in love with the place. I mean, they ring a bell at every sunset and all the drunks cheer.
And this week, Kerr and I were two of those drunks. 

But we weren’t alone. The “Life Unexpected” star brought a friend along — a special guest, if you will — who makes an appearance in our little piece, during which you’ll hear Kerr explain The Whaler’s three-beer policy, expose a show bromance, reveal his obsession with oysters and, well, you should really just watch … 

“Life Unexpected” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on The CW

Give it a look-see, you will like.

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh