Fred is back, and he’s bearing gifts on the season premiere of “Drop Dead Diva.” Just not the kind that Jane wants.

Such is the world of “Drop Dead Diva,” which begins its second season on Sunday, June 6. As you can see in the clip above — an exclusive on Zap2it — the new season picks up pretty much where the first season ended. Jane (Brooke Elliott) is still flustered about the arrival of her secret husband (Devon Gummersall), and she’s still on the verge of losing her job for breaching attorney-client privilege — none of which Fred’s (Ben Feldman) arrival on her doorstep seems to help.

This despite the fact that he comes with Belgian chocolate, caviar … and a jar of fertilized duck eggs (“It’s delicious on toast”).

Yeah … we’ll take his word for it on that last one. So what are you going to do to help our girl, Fred?

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Posted by:Rick Porter