drop dead diva vivica a fox brooke elliot 2 'Drop Dead Diva': Please, Jane isn't over GraysonThe core storyline of Sunday’s (June 20) episode of “Drop Dead Diva,” centered on the idea of how many soulmates can one person have.

In Jane’s (Brooke Elliot) case, Maria (Vivica A. Fox) and Emily (Bellamy Young) were suing their husband for fraud after finding out that he was married to both of them. The question that came up numerous times was is it possible to be in love with two people at the same time? Of course, that question applies to Jane, as well.

It’s a question we’re not sure Jane knows the answer to. When Jane found out that Kim (Kate Levering) might be pregnant with Grayson’s (Jackson Hurst) child, it threw her for an emotional loop. After all, if she continued to live her life as Deb, she would have gone on to marry Grayson and his baby would have been hers. We think she was being honest when she told Stacy (April Bowlby) that she felt she and Grayson have a connection and that she dreamed that one day he would realize that she’s Deb and they’d end up together.

Then, she reconciled with Tony (David Denman) and things got brighter for her. So when Fred (Ben Feldman) told her that Kim wasn’t pregnant after all, Jane announced that she had some great revelation: She doesn’t feel her feelings for Grayson are really hers to feel.

Sure, it’s possible that with her “special circumstances,” Jane could have two soulmates in her life. But, we don’t believe she’s really over Grayson as she claims to be.

Don’t you think Jane is leading both Tony and herself on at this point?

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