Warning: Spoilers! In the video above, the entire cast gives us a glimpse of what to expect from their characters in Season 3.

Zap2it recently spent some time on the “Drop Dead Diva” set in the very hot and humid Peachtree City, Ga., which is about 40 minutes outside of Atlanta. Much of the production takes place at a working private airfield in an airplane hangar, as well as other locations nearby. 
We got a chance to talk to the entire cast about where viewers will find the characters in the Season 3 premiere (which picks up a day after the Season 2 finale) airing Sunday (June 19) at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.
“All the characters are in flux,” Josh Stamberg, who plays Parker, tells Zap2it. “I call it the season of meaning, because everybody’s been grappling the first two seasons with their true natures like who are they and what’s their deal. I feel it becomes a season of people coping with what their truest natures really is.” 
Before we get to the new season, let’s recap where we left the characters in the Season 2 finale. Jane (Brooke Elliott) was ready to tell Grayson (Jackson Hurst) who she really is, but he had his own news for her. He was engaged to Vanessa (Jaime Ray Newman) and wanted Jane to be his “best man.” Shocked by the news, she ran out of the restaurant and Grayson followed only to be hit by a car and left bleeding from the head on the street.
Meanwhile, Kim (Kate Levering) went head-to-head with the firm’s no longer silent partner, Claire (Natasha Henstridge), and exposed that she had tampered with evidence to win a case and then Kim left the firm. 
Here’s where the cast tells us about their characters:
Jane and Grayson: Grayson will eventually come out of the coma, but expect him to break out of the “Prince Charming” role a bit. He’ll see darker days this season as he deals with all that’s happened and will happen to him and may strike out at those around him. In the wake of his accident, Jane decides not to tell him she’s “Deb,” and goes forward on being his “best man.” She’ll begin dating again and wonders if she’s really supposed to be with Grayson after all.
Kim and Parker: Parker finds that absence makes the heart grow fonder and he’ll work to get Kim back to the firm… and romantically. In the meantime, She has established a quirky new office setting and it will take some convincing to bring her back.
Fred and Stacy: Fred’s (Ben Feldman) chasing finally pays off. He and Stacy (April Bowlby) are a full-fledged couple, but things will get tricky when Stacy tries to find out more about his life. She’ll also start “interning” with Jane at the firm, but she will also finally snag an acting role.
Terry: Terry (Margaret Cho) continues to be a support to Jane as her assistant. But, she’ll get into some legal trouble of her own and will have to lean on Jane for a change.
Are you excited to welcome “Drop Dead Diva” back on your TV screen? What do you think about where the cast stands when Season 3 begins?
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