drop dead diva lifetime margaret cho brooke elliot thumb 'Drop Dead Diva' preview: Margaret Cho's fave part? 'We have a helicopter'Teri Lee wields some amazing power on Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva.” Don’t let the assistant title fool you. While everyone is dealing with their drama, she’s scheming behind the scenes.

Either she’s tapping her impressive pool of assistant pals for the 411 or she’s doing a little extra research that can save a case for Jane (Brooke Elliot). Margaret Cho, who plays Teri, knows that all too well.

“I think that character really runs everything in that office,” Cho tells Zap2it. “She knows all the office politics and she’s been there longer than anybody else, so she knows all the gossip.”

In Sunday’s (June 27) episode, we get to see some of Teri’s life outside the office. Teri’s cousin (played by Aaron Yoo) is in danger of being deported and Jane has offered to help Teri and her mother (“Gilmore Girls'” Emily Kuroda).

Cho says that the story will probably resonate with many viewers as it did with her.

“When I was just a kid, when I was just born, my father was deported,” Cho says. “So, it was something that I experienced with my family. It was interesting they did that story.”

She goes on to say, “It seems to me to be very true to the immigrant experience and it is timely. We’re kind of coming up around the issues of what is American. Does American actually always mean White? I think it’s a great conversation to have. So, I’m proud of the episode. I’m really glad that we got to do it.”

Cho, who broke barriers when she became the first Asian-American lead in a network series on ABC’s “All American Girl” in 1994, was thrilled to be working with other Asian-American actors again.

“It’s such a rare opportunity,” she says. “In shows, it’s usually just one of us, you know? It’s very rare to have more than one Asian-American actor on anything ever. So, it was this special, really rare, cool thing for us to hang out.”

But aside from the fact that we learn more about her character and that she gets to work with other Asian-American actors, there was one thing that made the episode for her.

“We have a helicopter,” she laughs. “It’s all M.A.S.H. I was really excited. That was my favorite part. It was a really good episode.”

Check out the sneak peek video below:

“Drop Dead Diva” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

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