drop dead lifetime diva ben feldman singing 'Drop Dead Diva's' Ben Feldman on his special skills: singing and swishingBen Feldman can sing. That we learned at the end of the last episode of “Drop Dead Diva” when his character, Fred, the guardian angel, sang “Baby, I Need Your Loving.” But, in fact, Feldman says he’s not a singer, though he played one on TV.

“So I just sat and listened to the song,” Feldman tells Zap2it. “You know everybody has heard the song but I have never really paid attention to it and then I was listening to it like 30 times. I don’t really think I am a great singer. I guess I am an imitator and I just did my best to sort of imitate what I heard the Four Tops do and that was sort of how it was born.”

Luckily, Feldman can sing, but he was definitely nervous about it. “When I first read the script,” he says. “I was just reading it and praying that I was going to see something that would maybe distract people from listening to me. The second I saw Josh Stamberg’s kiss scene, Parker and Kim [played by Kate Levering] making out in the office, I was like good, at least if I suck, people would be excited that that’s happened.”

If you enjoyed, Feldman’s take on the Four Tops, the song is available on the “Drop Dead Diva” soundtrack, which features songs by castmates Brooke Elliot and Margaret Cho, among others. Feldman says that the cast has one thing in common for sure.

“Well, it’s a group of actors that really like attention,” Feldman laughs. “And we all dealt with that by learning as many different things as we could. There were a lot of singers and dancers in this cast and a lot of people who have come from theatre backgrounds and we all sort of gel.”

Feldman might have something special, though, that sets him apart from his talented castmates. Do any of them own a wine label? He is the co-owner of Angelica Cellars. So, we had to ask if he does that slightly hoity-toity wine-tasting swish in public.

“I try and cover that up at restaurants because I know how weirdly, incongruously offended people can be by that for some strange bizarre reason,” says Feldman. “Like I can say so many things at a dinner table and not offend a single person and the second I smell my wine I am the biggest jerk at the table. Doesn’t make sense to me, but I try and keep that around my foodie friends.”

You wouldn’t mind if he wanted to swish during dinner, right?

Watch an encore of Feldman’s singing debut below:

“Drop Dead Diva” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

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