margaret cho guitar 'Drop Dead Diva's' Margaret Cho: Guitars are more than an instrument, they're accessoriesIn between her gig on “Drop Dead Diva” Margaret Cho plays music and lately, on the advice of a famous pal, has tried dulcimer.
“I like it but am not very good at dulcimer,” she says. “Cyndi Lauper gave me the idea to play it. It is a hard instrument for me to get a handle on.”
Cho’s been strumming the guitar, and the banjo for years. Though she likes the music, she loves how a guitar strap is an automatically cool accessory. 
“I just enjoy the vibration and I enjoy the way the instruments look,” Cho says. “To me it is a big necklace, you get to wear this big work of art, like a fashion accessory. I like to walk around with my guitar on my back. It is so cool, and I get hand-jeweled straps and straps with eyes on them, and you can get really creative with guitars and straps. I have a couple of beautiful straps.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler