This video really needs no explanation, but here goes: See, there’s this guy who the police think was really drunk. And in the midst of professing his sobriety, he launches into Queen’s 1975 hit “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which enjoyed renewed popularity in 1992 when it was featured in “Wayne’s World.”

Drunky Drunkerson then proceeds to sing the whole thing — including the instrumental parts. And as anyone can see, nothing really matters to this guy — including his freedom, or lack thereof.

Stay tuned till the end of the video when — spoiler alert! — the guys asks, “Do you really have to cuff me?” Here’s a hint: They will not let him go — no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Do you think you could sing all the words to “Bohemian Rhapsody” while under the influence?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper