phil robertson duck dynasty cancel other networks ae 'Duck Dynasty' controversy: Other networks offer show a home should A&E cancelWith the future of “Duck Dynasty” on A&E uncertain in light of the drama surrounding Phil Robertson’s inflammatory GQ comments, a handful of other networks clamoring for the hit series have come out of the woodwork, offering a home should the show need one.

TMZ reports Christian-affiliated Hunt Channel and outdoorsy Pursuit Channel will both jump at the chance to pick up the series, should it need come to that.

Merrill Sport, the owner of Hunt, tells the website his channel would deliver the series to its most loyal viewers: sportsmen and Christians. “We believe in the 2nd Amendment and freedom of speech … A&E needs to put on their big boy pants, and if they don’t like the programming, they need to either let [‘Duck Dynasty’] go or shut up and pay them,” he says, adding, “A&E is too scripted. [Hunt Channel] would let the personalities flow.”

Rusty Fault, the CEO of Pursuit, says his network is similarly 100 percent interested in scooping up the show if it finds itself homeless. He says, “We don’t censor our personalities.”

It should be noted, however, that A&E’s contract without the Robertson family reportedly bars them from doing another a show elsewhere for a certain period of time, should it come to that.

Hunt Channel, incidentally, is only available on Dish Network and airs morning and prime-time blocks of shows a few days a week on another channel, Angel Two. Pursuit has a somewhat wider reach — it’s available via DirecTV and Dish.

Posted by:Billy Nilles