duck dynasty governor bobby jindal john luke robertson season 6 premiere ae 'Duck Dynasty' Season 6 premiere: Governor Bobby Jindal visits the Robertsons
Welcome back to Louisiana, “Duck Dynasty” fans. It’s the Season 6 premiere on Wednesday (June 11), and there’s a very special guest heading to visit the Robertson family. And everyone is in a tizzy.
Welcoming the Governor
The governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, is visiting to give the Duck Commander company an award, and John Luke, ever the cut up, has been selected to give the welcoming speech. He’s not taking it very seriously though, and of course, he’s a bit nervous, and that’s giving Willie hives. Even Si jumps in the helping-out business, trying to prep him for the big moment. 
We know how that goes. He even tries heckling John Luke to toughen him up, and suggests thinking about lemon meringue pie to calm his nerves. Mmm. Pie.
Jase rescues John Luke in the end, explaining that Willie likes to “rock the boat” — swaying back and forth as he speaks — and Si starts every sentence with “hey” and ends with “ok,” and has a strong association with a guy named Jack. Jase and the warehouse crew lighten the mood for poor John Luke, pointing out that no one is really an expert at this public speaking thing, and just do his best.
Meanwhile …
Miss Kay is a little worried about what to wear to the event. She’s meeting bigwigs and all. And Phil is zero help, so she turns to her daughters-in-law and granddaughter to help do some shopping. But Miss Kay wants Phil’s approval, and even though he keeps saying “that’s the one,” she’s not buying it. There’s a lot of clothes shopping going on. All that branded camo buys a lot of outfits!
In the end, while Jindal is pretty dressed up in his button down and khakis, he joins in on a basketball game with the warehouse guys, and throws Willie off with his friendliness. John Luke gives a nice speech, even cracking a joke, and coming across sincere and grateful. 
And is it just me, or does John Luke look like a young Donnie Osmond?
Best Lines:
  • “It’s really … shiny.” — Phil
  • “I will go to jail before I reach down and pick up dog poop. I will go to the penitentiary.” — Jase
  • “West Monroe, born and raised. In the duck blind is where I spend most of my days.” — Jep
  • “You make a shot, we play a real game. But if you miss, I get a ride in Air Force One.” — Si
Are you excited for a new season of “Duck Dynasty?”
Posted by:Kiley Thompson