jase robertson duck dynasty ae 'Duck Dynasty': Jase Robertson is 'like the redneck Emeril Lagasse' of burgers
“Duck Dynasty” is back with “Burger Commander” on Wednesday (Feb. 5)
Willie and The Redneck ‘Emeril Lagasse’ cook meat
After having lunch from the local burger joint, Willie and Jase get into a spat over who makes the better burger. They decide to have a showdown to see who is the better chef (not burger “eater” as Jase clarifies, slamming Willie.) 
It’s a burger-off!

They head to the local store for ingredients, where Jase pesters the butcher into grinding up some ribeyes for his burgers and Willlie buys “meat from a tube,” as Jase notes snidely. Back at the warehouse, they man their grills. It’s like the showdown in “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly” but with a lot of meat.
In the end, Willie’s “Super Stack” burger is a “mountain o’ beef,” as Martin puts it. He and Godwin actually look scared of it, and declare that there’s “too much going on.” The thing is about 10 inches tall and no one is able to pick it up successfully. Jase’s is overdone, and actually gets spit out by Martin, who declares both burgers inedible. 

In the end, they head back out to the burger joint for lunch.
Meanwhile …
Jep goes scouting for some materials for Jessica’s decoupage project and Phil has, basically, a giant shed of newspaper. We are already envisioning a “Hoarders” crossover. Or the biggest bonfire ever. Phil convinces Jep to haul some of the “rat pee-soaked” hoard, er, recyclables off to the recycling center while Jessica and Miss Kay get down to some gluing and varnishing on a table (which, as Phil points out, is now covered in rat pee-soaked newspaper. No.) 
We’re not sure exactly how Phil convinced Jep to clean out the shed, but we wish someone would tell Jase and Willie, because their reactions would be priceless.
Best Lines:
  • “Hey, I’m a math man.” – Si, who got a new calculator watch, which won’t stop beeping
  • “Decoupage is the perfect way to relax.” – Jessica
  • “Decoupage. It’s a French word. I know it sounds kinda dirty.” – Jep
  • “One time, Jase even said he was better at flippin’ channels.” – Willie
Posted by:Kiley Thompson