duck dynasty christmas phil robertson ae 'Duck Dynasty': Robertson family Christmas countdown with '25 days of duck'Robertson family fans, “Duck Dynasty” has a new present for you every day through Christmas! If you “like” their official page on Facebook, and follow the link to their “25 days of duck” microsite, you’ll get access to new videos, photos, games, and coupons. We’ve made it easy for you: you can get to their Facebook page below. The treat for Tuesday, Dec. 3rd: What do the Robertsons want for Christmas? Willie wants ammo. No surprise there.

It’s like a Robertson Family advent calendar, but without the chocolate, and a lot more duck.

Be sure to tune in for the “Duck Dynasty” Christmas special on Wednesday, Dec. 11 at 10/9c. We’ve put together a gallery of some sneak peek photos from the special already.

Posted by:Kiley Thompson