“Duck Dynasty” Season 4 returns Aug. 14, and A&E has some mini-Robertsons to tide you over. The video promo has a pretty cute premise, where an elementary school class puts on a “Duck Dynasty” play for a crowd of proud parents.

“Will you all get back to work,” asks a bearded, bandana-clad, beer bellied young Willie. “We’re on break, Willie,” answers the boy playing the Duck Commander boss’ younger brother Jace. “Go eat somethin’.”

A young “Uncle Si,” who sports a remarkable resemblance to the real hillbilly philosopher, also responds. “Yeah, Jack, You know what they say: Work hard, nap hard,” he says. Then an exasperated “Willie” retorts, “And I can’t fire you because you’re kin to me.”

It’s pretty adorable, even if it brings back memories of when a whole school district got in deep trouble for trying to have a “Duck Dynasty” Day of their own.

The season premiere of “Duck Dynasty” features an anniversary surprise party for Phil and Miss Kay, with a bit of a sidetrack thanks to Uncle Si.

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