duck dynasty jep roberston ae 'Duck Dynasty' Season 5 episode 8: No one is going to name a city after that 'Fowl Playhouse'
It’s “Duck Dynasty” night on Wednesday (Mar. 5), and if you don’t know how to put together a reasonable duck blind by the end of tonight’s episode, you aren’t paying attention.
Playhouse or Fort or … Duck Blind?
Jep has one day to build his kids a playhouse, but he has an injured wrist. Against his better judgment (that is, Jase convinces him otherwise,) he lets Jase and the warehouse gang build it for him. Sort of. Because Jep is all high on pain meds so he takes a nap in the truck, leaving the workers to their own devices.
Unsurprisingly, Jase, Godwin and Martin build something that looks like a fort crossed with a covered duck blind. Phil says, “it looks like something you throw the prisoners in when you want to punish them for about a month.” And Jess is not happy. Not exactly what she wants in the backyard. 

Jep can be a lot like Willie. Especially when he shows off his toilet seat trailer-hitch accessory. Embroidered with his name, no less. 
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Meanwhile …
Speaking of Willie, and duck blinds, he’s brushing no fewer than 64 duck blinds with Phil and Si (brushing = cleaning up and recovering all the hunting lean-to’s around the Robertson land with fresh cut willow branches.) It’s penance for oversleeping on the opening day of duck season the previous year. How exactly does the CEO of “Duck Commander” do that? 
Si, or “Quality Control,” pretty much sits around while putting Willie through the ringer. And Si and Phil are some ornery old men. As Willie points out, you’re never really a grown up around your elders on their turf. Especially when they’re punishing you. 
In the end, Jep goes back to Plan A, and hires a crew to build a spectacular playhouse/swing set monstrosity (“yuppie move” according to Phil.) And Phil gets Willie to haul Jase’s original “fort” away to the river bank. Duck blind number 65!
Best Lines:
  • “If there’s not a bone protruding through your skin, or you’re not bleeding from an orifice, you’ll be OK.” – Jase
  • “That’s my crapper.” – Jep
  • “You don’t mix nail guns and medication. That’s just not smart.” – Martin
  • “So, by your logic, it’s too fun.” – Jep
    “Yep. It’s the childhood equivalent of a strip mall.” – Jase
Posted by:Kiley Thompson