The beardless “Duck Dynasty” cast member, Alan Robertson, stopped by “Good Day LA” to talk about the show and shared an interesting insight into the family’s infamous facial hair.
Alan had a bit of a beard himself at the moment, as he says the family tradition is to grow them out during hunting season. “We all used to shave them off, but now of course since they’re such big stars and their beards now, you know, in their contracts they have to keep them a certain length,” he says.
That’s right, those beards are contractual at this point. It shouldn’t be too surprising since the look has become a trademark of the show. Alan joined “Duck Dynasty” in Season 4, after initially leaving the family business to become a preacher.
He says his return to the show served a couple purposes. Alan is able to use the platform of the show to help spread his ministry, but there’s also the chance to work with his family again. “They were having so much fun and they’re together,” he says. “I was missing these guys, they were together for family dinner scenes and I doing my work at the church and seeing less and less of them..”
According to Robertson their family business has now become a tourist attraction, with up to thousands of people gathering at the warehouse hoping for a glimpse of a beard, as the show continues to become an even bigger hit.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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