phil robertson breaks silence ae 'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson breaks silence, defends anti gay comments“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson has spoken publicly for the first time since he was suspended by A&E for his anti-gay comments in GQ — and he isn’t backing down.

“We are a bunch of rednecks from Louisiana, but I am not uneducated. I have a degree from Louisiana Tech. But this week I have been called an ignoramus,” he said, addressing a Bible study group in West Monroe Louisiana on Sunday (Dec. 22), The Daily Mail reports. “This week I have been asked, ‘Is this the first time you have brought up sin?’ I said, ‘Are you kidding? I have been traveling to and fro spreading this message.’ Then he said, ‘Well do you invite yourself to go and get your Bible and tell people what you are now sharing with us?’ I said, ‘No, they are inviting me.’

“I love all men and women. I am a lover of humanity, not a hater,” he continued. “I will not give or back off from my path because you conquered death, Father, so we are not worried about all the repercussions.”

Following Robertson’s suspension from the hit reality program, his family has publicly admitted they can’t imagine moving forward with the show without him. Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz have leapt to his defense in recent days, while Charlie Sheen of all people has publicly denounced the “Duck Dynasty” star.

Posted by:Billy Nilles