j rome duets 'Duets' final performances: Does J Rome have it sewn up?The “Duets” performance finale kicks off with a performance of “Get Ready” from the stars. John Legend and Kelly Clarkson are much better on this song than the other two — we wish just the two of them had performed it. Also, Kelly looks super hot in her dress. And Robin Thicke needs to stop wriggling his crotch at us. Stop that, Robin.

Tonight each amateur is performing a duet and also a solo, which seems kind of silly since the show’s hook is “duets.” Unnecessary filler, if you ask us. This episode should be 30 minutes long.

But first we must send somebody home. Bridget and John are in the Bottom 2 and Bridget goes home, which is not surprising. It’s hard for girls on these public-voted-on shows nowadays. We would’ve actually swapped Bridget for Jason if you look at body of work, but all the men left are pretty solid.

1. Jennifer and J Rome, “Breakeven,” The Scripts

Despite Nettles being dressed like Boy George, they sound great on this. Their harmonies are beautiful and nobody is dominating, plus Jennifer’s twang is less than normal, it seems like. I just … I have nothing to say. This is really nice. They could release this. And their chemistry is great, I thought they might smooch at the end (I mean, not for real, but they had a nice moment).

2. Kelly and Jason, “Me and Mrs. Jones,” Billy Paul

Kelly silly-ily says that she can’t sing the “me and Mrs. Jones” line. I hate that, pet peeve. You can sing the gender stuff without anybody thinking you’re going to catch “teh gay.” Anyway. This is very well-suited for Jason and Kelly is nicely staying in the background during the verse – sometimes she overpowers and it’s not a criticism, she’s got a big ol’ voice. But sometimes she does. This is a quieter song, like J Rome and Jennifer did, but again, it’s powerful despite being a more low-key number. And Kelly gets a few riffs to show off her pipes, which is fun.

Robin criticizes Jason’s lack of naughtiness, which is actually a valid critique for this particular song and not Robin being a creeper again.

Gosh, two great duets so far. Hopefully John can make it 3 for 3.

3. Jennifer and John, “The Prayer,” Andrea Boccelli and Celine Dion

Good song for his niche. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound as good as the first two. It’s still nice, but John’s part is so quiet that he’s barely there. Jennifer is totally dominating the duet. it gets better, but it still isn’t as good musically as the first two duets. The ending is very, very nice, though, so it’s nice they pulled that out.

I never thought I’d edge Jason over John in my standings, but I do. It’s J Rome, Jason and then John, though nobody was bad or anything.

4. J Rome solo, “Signed Sealed Delivered,” Stevie Wonder

Stevie is a good choice for his voice, definitely. And predictably, this sounds great. I maybe would’ve picked a song that does a little more — this song is pretty even keel. It doesn’t show off his range, it’s repetitive. Maybe “Higher Ground” or “Do I Do”? The ending was fun, but it didn’t really stop the song from being a little boring.

5. John solo, “God Bless the Broken Road,” Rascal Flatts

Another great song choice. He sounds quite a bit like the lead singer of Rascal Flatts, whose name escapes me right at this moment. Unfortunately, there are a few pitch issues. Hmph. When John finally busts it open, it’s nice, and it definitely improved upon his first song.

6. Jason solo, “Runaway Baby,” Bruno Mars

Wow, another great song choice (it seems). But Farol needs to work on his stage presence — Mars pulls this stuff off because he’s so dynamic on stage. Jason does not have Mars moves. He’s also having a few pitch problems on the chorus because it’s so fast.

So who’s going to win? J Rome seems pretty clear cut, right? Body of work, Glosson is second and Farol is third, though they split tonight.

What do you think, “Duets” fans?

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