jennifer nettles getty 'Duets': Jennifer Nettles' mom plays musical matchmaker for Sugarland singerFor her new role on the ABC music competition series “Duets,” country superstar Jennifer Nettles called in a few hometown favors in her quest to find the best undiscovered singing partner.
“My mother sends me a text, ‘Have you heard of John Glosson? Did you get his information because he is very good,'” the singer tells Zap2It about one of her two contestants on the show. “John, I actually found in a couple of outlets. We share a similar history. He lives in my hometown; he’s the musical director at my grandmother’s church. We were both in the same artist troop, though we never met each other until now.”
Nettles discovered her other standout talent, J Rome, via YouTube, while searching for Adele covers.
The Sugarland singer jokes, “Even Ma-Maw over here can get on the YouTube!”
“Duets” premieres on May 24 and will likely be a breakout for Nettles, who has received multiple awards over the years with her band, yet looks to the increasing role of country music in American popular culture as a progression for her field.
“Country music, like any other genre continues to evolve … The only way for it to do so is to bring in new listeners,” she says.
And while initially apprehensive about the endeavor, Nettles has embraced her role with vivacity, bringing charm, powerhouse vocals and a devious sense of humor to the table.
“When I came through the system, it was very much the dues pay,” Nettles says. “I ran up the roads in a 15-passenger van with five smelly guys, and schlepped my own gear, and played smoky bars before smoking bans and laws were around. And I was really able to cut my teeth on the stage in that way, and considered it the best way.”

“But, what I have seen over the years is, there is wonderful talent like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, and like any in-route into the industry, the cream will rise to the top,” she continues. “Those who have what it takes will make it, and those who don’t, won’t.”

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