olivia chisholm robin thicke duets 'Duets': Olivia Chisholm and Robin Thicke once again out of their leagueIt’ll be interesting to see how the live American public votes shake out on “Duets” – since based on our comments, we think Robin would’ve lost both of his people awhile ago and Jordan Meredith would surely still be around.

The theme tonight is Songs of the 2000s, which kicks off with a song by the mentors that is from … 1990. So that makes sense. Also, how do we all feel about Kelly Clarkson’s blonde hair? Hmm.

1. Jennifer and John, “When You Say You Love Me,” Josh Groban

This makes a better duet than we were expecting, the arrangement is really nice. And this is maybe the first time it has felt like the two of them are not singing at church. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but this one has a different feel to it, which is nice. This just sounds so polished – they could release this as a duet. Their voices blend really nicely.

2. Robin and Olivia, “Need You Now,” Lady Antebellum

We’re not sure either of their voices are strong enough for this song. Olivia immediately starts off really sharp and it’s all downhill from there. Seriously, it’s a joke she’s still around. This show made a huge mistake by not letting it go live until there were five contestants – because Thicke should’ve been knocked out completely after two weeks. Anyway, on the harmony on the chorus? Robin is almost a non-entity. This is so bad. I’ve heard better versions of this song at karaoke night in a local bar, no joke, you guys.

The judges are WAY too nice to her in their critiques.

3. Kelly and Jason, “Mercy,” Duffy

There is a lot of crotch action happening from Jason when he starts out, that’s distracting. Vocally, this is alright. Definitely better than Olivia, but not nearly as good as John. The song is a little boring and it’s not much of a duet – it’s like Jason and his back-up singers. The song finally gets awesome when Kelly takes the lead, but that’s not really the point of the show. The ending is good. If we were doing leaderboard, though, it would be easy to see it goes John, Jason, Olivia.

4. John and Bridget, “Halo,” Beyonce

This should be a good song for Bridget’s voice, but then – it kind of isn’t. Also, they start with Legend. We really prefer it when they start the duet with the amateur. And we don’t love the arrangement of the harmony. It’s weird and not pleasing to the ears. Hmm. This isn’t the trainwreck that Robin and Olivia were, but Bridget normally sounds better than this.

5. Jennifer and J Rome, “Without You,” Usher and David Guetta

This is a ton of fun. If the show isn’t careful, it’s just going to be Jennifer Nettles and her two partners at the end, haha. But yeah, we don’t have much to say – this is good. If there were a leaderboard, he’d be (almost) on top again. In fact, all the men would be in the top 3 spots (though there is a gap between J Rome/John and Jason). John Legend critiques J Rome for being a little soft on the low stuff, which is valid. I think John actually edged out J Rome this week.

What do you think, “Duets” fans? Who will you cast your votes for?

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