duets 'Duets' recap: Broken RoadEven though I was on vacation last week, I watched the episode and I couldn’t be happier that Olivia went home. Good job, America! You did the right thing. And thanks to M. Giant for subbing so that I could enjoy fireworks and swimming pools and whatnot.

Whoa, it’s the final four already? That was fast. Anyway, the opening professional duet is John Legend and Jennifer Nettles singing “Get Ready.” It’s nice and understated when John starts but then Jennifer comes in and ruin everything. Ugh, and then Robin walks in and does some Elvis moves. Why is he still here? There’s Kelly and her dress color is really unflattering with her new blonde hair. Two of the backup dancers have to carry her up on the stage because of her foot and it’s super awkward. Did I mention Jennifer is wearing a fedora-type hat? She’s kind of an *******. I’m sure she’s very nice and all, but her fashion choices and general demeanor make me wonder. Oh, were they singing? Should I say something about that? It was fine.

Someone’s getting eliminated right now. Will it be J Rome, Bridget, John or Jason? I’m going to guess it will be Bridget but boy do I wish it would be John. The bottom two is Bridget and John. Dare I dream? Quddus makes the announcement and the person going home is Bridget. Well, no shocker there. She was great. I loved her. But she needs to work on that anger issue. However, when I cast my remake of The Jeffersons, she is my first choice to play Flo, the maid. Then Bridget gets a goodbye montage.

This week, each performer gets to do a solo and a duet. Well, that seems to go against the whole concept of the show, no? Anyway, J Rome is singing, “Signed Sealed Delivered” by Stevie Wonder. Great song. A little overplayed, but great. Their duet is “Break Even” which I don’t know. Oh, wait, yes I do. I probably heard it on Grey’s Anatomy or some ****. Anyway, they’re doing that one first.

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