duets 'Duets' recap: Natural WomanAs usual, the show opens with a duet by the pros. This time is Jennifer and John singing “I Got The Music In Me.” I feel like John Legend should only sing soul classics. He looks awkward and uncomfortable singing disco. And Jennifer is over-singing to an embarrassing degree. She really belongs on a variety show on CMT. Like an updated version of the Mandrell Sisters variety show, where she could do Hee Haw like skits and show tunes and countrified versions of today’s hits. I think that’s a million-dollar idea. I call dibs.

After a brief recap of what went down last week, Quddus (still can’t get past that name) reminds us that Robin’s team didn’t do well last week. So we start with Robin giving his team a pep talk. I am still fascinated by Robin’s hair. Do you think he uses a round brush while he blow dries? Or a curling iron? There’s a lot happening, is what I’m saying. Robin rehearses with Alexis and tries to get her to have fun by being goofy. He also convinces her to sing like she’s going home so she has to sing like she’s going home. Robin tries to skip out of the rehearsal but his stupid jeans are so tight that he can’t. Ha.

Robin and Alexis are singing “Killing Me Softly”. They’re doing the Fugees version. Remember the Fugees before they imploded? Good times. Alexis sounds great but I think Robin is actually too quiet during the harmonies. I can barely hear him. I was just about to say that this song didn’t give Alexis a chance to show off but then during the final chorus, she gets to do some runs. She’s got a pretty voice but I don’t see a connection to the lyrics. Like she sings that he’s killing her but I don’t feel it.

Kelly says that she loves the song but the connection with Robin still felt a little awkward. Jennifer interrupts to say that she thought it was better than last week. Kelly speaks up to say that she wishes Alexis had sung to the audience more instead of just staring at Robin the whole time. And obviously, being the first performer, Alexis is at the top of the chart.

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