john legend johnny gray duets 'Duets': What happened to John Legend's partner Johnny Gray?It was announced during Thursday night’s (May 31) episode of “Duets” that John Legend‘s partner from last week, Johnny Gray, was not returning to the show due to unforeseen circumstances. So far, all we know is what Gray has tweeted about the incident:

  • I promise you bro, if I had been on this week, I would have been #1, GUARANTEE! Did they explain why I’m gone? #Duets
  • It’s not right, but I’ll have my time to talk about it, God works in mysterious ways.
  • Don’t get it twisted, Johnny Gray didn’t “drop out” y’all know after being #2 in 1 episode, I was coming back to kill!
  • I’m doing great! BIG THINGS happening over here in Johnny Gray’s world. When 1 door closes, another 1 opens

Last week, he and Legend performed “Ordinary People” and while it wasn’t our favorite duet of the night, the judges really liked it and they put Johnny in second place on the leaderboard and there he stayed throughout the night. Video below of their performance.

Meanwhile, Legend had to conduct an on-the-fly audition for a new partner and ended up with Meleana Brown from Oahu, Hawaii, with whom he performed the classic duet “Endless Love” this week. We thought she was a worthy replacement – Meleana has a gorgeous voice.

What do you think, “Duets” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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