Tom Cruise, who hasn’t appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show since that June 23, 2005, couch-hopping interview, is going back on. Tom_cruise___rebecca_de_mornay

So what’s the hook? Because there’s always something to promote, whenever any star does a TV talk-show appearance.

Cruise’s episode will air during the May sweeps, just in time for a 25th anniversary of "Risky Business" celebration, which will probably include a re-release of a special edition DVD.

We may even be treated to appearances from other cast members, like Rebecca De Mornay, shown (at right) at a 1983 "Risky" screening with Cruise, then her pre-thetan hunky boyfriend.

Bet Rebecca’s got some real good stories. Hey, put her on the couch, Oprah.

Brace yourselves for lots of giggling over Tom’s infamous slide-across-the-floor-in-tightie-whitey-briefs clip, which will surely be recycled during the show. I would not be surprised if they ask him to reprise that scene, but let’s not dwell on that thought.

If Tom does hit Oprah’s couch for an encore performance, this appearance has the potential to be even more embarrassing than Cruise’s original sofa trampoline act when he went gaga over new love Katie Holmes.

Will Oprah ask Cruise the tough questions, like about his past relationship with De Mornay and whether the rumors about Katie going on Broadway and their separation are true?

‘Cause I bet a lot more people would watch the show if she did.

Photos: Above, Katie and Tom back in February leave Wolfgang Puck’s Cut, Tom’s favorite flesh-peddling restaurant in Beverly Hills. Wonder if they make the incredibly shrinking Katie a veggie plate?

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead