hawaii 5 0 dvr 320 DVR ratings: 'Hawaii Five 0' stays on top after three weeksDid you record Monday’s episode of “Hawaii Five-0”? “House,” maybe, or “Castle”? Then you’re not alone.

Over the first three weeks of the season, “Five-0” remains the most DVR’d show around. It added an average of almost 3.3 million viewers to each of its first three episodes, raising the total number of viewers from 13.1 million to 16.4 million. It’s the biggest gainer, but it’s far from the only Monday-night show to rise substantially thanks to DVR use.

Four of the top 10 DVR shows this season (in terms of total viewers added) air on Mondays. “House” (+2.6 million), “Castle” and “The Event” (+2.35 million apiece) also see big gains. “Five-0” and “Castle” air opposite each other, which could account for some of the heavy recording activity for them, but a couple other factors are at work too.

The biggest influence on the DVR numbers for those four Monday-night shows is probably two shows almost no one records: “Dancing With the Stars” and “Monday Night Football.”

“DWTS” gets only a 4-percent bump each week, and live sports events tend to get almost no delayed viewing. Together “Dancing” and “Monday Night Football” draw somewhere between 30 million and 35 million viewers every Monday, which means a whole lot of eyeballs are otherwise occupied while those other shows are airing.

The top 10 DVR’d shows through three weeks of the season are:

1. “Hawaii Five-0,” +3.3 million viewers
2. “The Mentalist,” +3.2 million
3. “Grey’s Anatomy,” +3 million
4. “Modern Family,” +2.9 million
5. “House,” +2.6 million
6. “Criminal Minds,” +2.5 million
7. “Glee,” +2.44 million
8. “NCIS,” +2.4 million
9. “Castle,” +2.354 million
10. “The Event,” +2.352 million

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Photo credit: CBS

Posted by:Rick Porter