mario kate gosselin2 'Dancing With the Stars' alum Mario's advice for Kate Gosselin: 'Chill, sister. Don't stress'The Dish Rag figured R&B star Mario — a 2008 “Dancing With The Stars” alum — might have some tips for reality TV super mom Kate Gosselin, who will compete in the new season that starts on March 22.

So we grabbed him at the Haven360 Backstage Creations and Creation Coalition “Oscar Suite, after he tried on a Croton Carbon Watch and before he checked out Dr. Frank Ryan’s Zerona laser treatment. (Yes, that Frank Ryan. The one that performed like a gazillion procedures on Heidi Montag).

]]> “Hey, I’ve been there,” Mario admitted. “I love Kate, I think America does too. She’s feisty and she’s going to do just fine. One of the things she has most going for her is that she has a great personality, so people will love her.  My best advice to her is to ‘Chill, sister and don’t stress too much about it.’  That’s what I did.  I just relaxed and took it all in.” In 2008, Mario danced (check out the video) with Karina Smirnoff – who’s not on the show this season —  and they got high marks (24 out of 30) for their sexy dazzling initial cha cha, but the pair was surprisngly voted off on the show’s celebratory 100th episode. Still, he gave a polite farewell speech thanking judge Len Goodman, his harshest critic.  “I’ve had a great time, a great partner and great competition,” Mario said: “Len, thank you for all the comments you made. Ultimately, you helped me become a better ballroom dancer.” Maybe that should be included in his advice. Memo to Kate: Prepare a gracious farewell speech, just in case. Reporting: Leah Sydney

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead