bristol palin pamela anderson crazy dwts 'DWTS' feud alert: Did Pamela Anderson diss Bristol Palin?Pamela Anderson wasn’t really hating on Bristol Palin on the Monday-night premiere of “Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars.”

When asked backstage after the show about cameras catching the “Baywatch” bombshell smirking and twirling her hair in an apparent “crazy” gesture toward Sarah Palin’s daughter, seated beside her, Pam responded with a flat-out denial.

“No, no, no — that did not happen!” she said. “I think she’s a great girl.”

“I don’t even remember twirling my hair,” she added, quipping: “This isn’t even my hair!”

But twirl-gate did follow Pam’s earlier crack about Bristol benefitting from her famous mother’s political influence.
“Bristol Palin, she’s got the whole Tea Party, right?”

The single mom and abstinence activist believes her rival’s jibes are “all in good fun.” She acknowledges that the two are “polar opposites” when it comes to politics, but adds, “She hasn’t said anything to me personally.”

But there’s little chance the women’s differences will escalate into a real feud — one of them will likely be sent home in tonight’s (Sept. 25) elimination show. Pamela and her partner, Tristan McManus, received the lowest score of the night, 17, and Bristol and Mark Ballas‘ 19.5 put them third to last.

And remember, Pam doesn’t have the Tea Party on her side!

But the liberal Democrat puts the reality-show voting in perspective:

Obama needs to win more than we need to win.”

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