It’s no secret that there’s tremendous pressure on Hollywood actresses to be thin, especially during awards season. And companies spend fortunes marketing Get Skinny pills, powders and potions. But here’s one photo that won’t be featured in a weight loss ad. According to TMZ, this is the inside of Anna Nicole Smith’s refrigerator in the Bahamas, taken a few days after her death in Hollywood, Fla. The contents are: Methadone, cans of Slimfast, French’s Wochestershire Sauce, yogurt, spray butter and injectable medicine vials. TMZ reports that several containers of TRIMSPA sat next to the fridge. Yum.

021107 ans fridge hi2 1 Dying to lose weight like Anna?

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Phopto Credits: Howard K. Stern and Anna Nicole at a heavyweight championship fight on Jan. 6, 2007. WireImage

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