dylanbaker 290 Dylan Baker will return for 'Spider Man 4'We may not know much about the plot of “Spider-Man 4” — make that, we know next to nothing — but now we know one of the supporting players. Dylan Baker, who co-starred in “Spider-Man 3” as Doc Curt Connors, will be back for another chapter.

During an Oct. 21 press conference about horror flick “Trick R Treat,” Baker mentioned getting a call earlier that day confirming his involvement in “Spider-Man 4.”

Fans of the comic-book series know Connors uses a serum derived from reptiles to try and regrow his missing arm. While the serum works (that’s good), it also causes Connors to occasionally turn into hungry super-monster The Lizard (that’s bad).

Does that mean The Lizard will appear in the fourth Spidey movie? Once again, we’re in the dark. Even Baker said he’d probably just be appearing in essentially a cameo role again.

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Posted by:Andy Grieser