Kenny-Powers-hbo.jpgFans of  “Eastbound & Down” are already experiencing withdrawal from the raunchy and wickedly funny comedy, which aired it’s Season 2 finale in October. The series writers confirm they are in the beginning stages of penning a third season. But Executive producer/writer/star Danny McBride reveals at Paleyfest 2011 that the third one may indeed be the hit HBO series’ last.

“We’ve always imagined this thing as something that we would keep short
and not give it a chance to kind of get old,” he explains. “We have
really approached each season as if it was just an act of a larger
story, and so the third season to us has always been the climax of the

McBride and co-creator Jody Hill admit that they already know how the story of Kenny Powers will end, and McBride even hints that said ending may be closer than we think.
Both acknowledge they have treated each season as “a long movie” and when asked if season three would bring the ending of the story, McBride responds, “Probably. Yeah, I think so.”

Aside from the obvious return of Kenny Powers (McBride) and Stevie Janowski (Steve Little), McBride confirmed the return of one other Shelby, NC resident.

[Katy] Mixon will be back,” he verifies during the panel.

Mixon plays Powers’ fiery love interest, and we can undoubtedly expect to see her and Powers take on the role of parents in this final season. A scary, yet hilarious concept.

McBride also suggests that the relatively unknown Lisa De Razzo (who has played bit parts in “United States of Tara” and “Southland”) will return as Maria, Stevie’s new Mexican wife.

As for whether Academy Award nominee John Hawkes will return as Kenny’s big brother, McBride remains tight lipped.

“We would like to see a lot of the Shelby characters come back this season,” he says. “The season ended last year where Kenny finds out he’s going to have a kid, so this season obviously kind of deals with that and him continuing his hunt for the majors. So, I think you’ll see a lot of people from some of the other seasons as well.”

We’ll take that as a yes, for now.

“Eastbound & Down” will reportedly begin shooting this summer, and producers suggest that the season premiere may be ready for the fall. We’ll keep you posted. 

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci