eastbound and down series finale 'Eastbound & Down' series finale clips: 'Our journey ends here, Stevie'

The end of “Eastbound & Down” has come and it’s going to be an emotional affair. At least, it will for Stevie (Steve Little). After all, anything pertaining to Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) is enough to reduce him to a puddle of tears.
When the last episode end off, Kenny’s story seemed to reach another end as he made everyone’s Christmas wish come true, before disappearing. He isn’t going out without a bang, though.
The two clips below leave a lot of space to be filled in. Stevie is finally getting the respect from his family he wants, and Kenny is ready to work with him to get to the top.  Kenny and Stevie also pull up outside a TV studio, with a huge banner of Powers hanging from it. 
Is Kenny headed back to TV? Find out when you tune into “Eastbound & Down” for the last time, Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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