Katy-Mixon-Steve-Little-GI.jpgAs fans gear up for Season 3 of HBO’s “Eastbound and Down,” we are inclined to wonder how the arrival of little Kenny or April junior will affect the show’s dynamic.

Okay, so we know it’s a little early to be thinking about this. Writers
are only a few weeks in and the show doesn’t begin shooting until this
summer, but Zap2it caught up with a few of the cast members at PaleyFest
2011 and got the scoop on how they think Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) will handle fatherhood,
and what this baby means for the show.

“I could see Stevie being jealous of a baby,” Steve Little says of his
character’s relationship with Kenny. “I could
definitely see that.”

Adding that when it comes to parenting, the responsibility will likely fall on April’s shoulders.

“April might be ready,” he says. “I don’t think Kenny’s ready.”

Katy Mixon, the actress behind April Buchanon, has a little more optimism when it comes to the show’s unlikely hero.

“They gotta be ready,” she says of the parents-to-be. “I randomly think, I hope at least, that he’s gonna be able to handle it.”

We had to ask Mixon for her take on April and Kenny’s relationship. Her
character is a sweet and beautiful southern belle who for some reason,
is in love with Kenny — a rude, crude and all around selfish baseball
player.  Throw in the fact that he’s pretty much a has-been, and the two seem like a
pretty unlikely pair.

“She knows that she’s too good for him, but she loves him anyway,” Mixon
explains. “She sees him in a light that nobody else sees him.”

She continues to break down Kenny’s redeeming qualities for us:

“He’s romantic,” she gushes. “When the curtain is down and the doors are
closed and there’s not the outside world, he is an unbelievable
romantic. And she gets it cause its all a facade you see — he’s got the
biggest heart of gold.”

Continuing, “He’s a tough guy and he sees the world through really
unbelievable eyes, and actually she adores that. She comes from this
small town and everything, so there’s kind of this aspect of him that’s
exciting and she lives for that. He’s always been like that since high

Personally, we would love to see some of this supposed romance make it
to the screen in Season 3 — Hilarity would undoubtedly ensue.  

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Posted by:Sophie Schillaci