eastwick cast3 290 'Eastwick' : Fate kills no matter whatIs it just me, or is the town of “Eastwick” holding a new festival every week? It seems like a great place to get a funnel cake on any given Sunday. Even with all the dead boyfriends.

The festival this week is a rather macabre celebration of Eastwick’s history as the location where about 120 women were burned at the stake for supposedly being witches. In honor (?) of this history, they pile up coffins under a giant witch statue, paint them like Easter eggs and fill them with the things that are holding them back. And then they burn it all. Sort of like Burning Man, only with less recreational drug use and nudity, I guess.

Roxie is continuing to try and help Bun regain her memory and figure out what her vision of a funeral means. She doesn’t expect those two paths to cross as dramatically as they do, but Bun ends up seeing her vision as well, though the only insight she can offer is that the person the funeral for is her friend and that the death occurred via statue. Roxie runs to Darryl’s house and narrowing pushes him out of the way of his own bronze likeness saving his life. She’s joyous about having changed the future. He’s less joyous about his near accidental death and fires the person he feels was responsible for the mishap. Roxie’s boyfriend, Chad.

Speaking of boyfriends, Joanna is still mourning the loss of Will until Kat and Roxie convince her to apologize again. She does, but when he tells her that he’s already moved on, she has him look into her eyes and demands to know if it is another woman. Which is how she finds out about him and Kat. She confronts Kat, who lets slip that it’s more than interest on his part, since there was also a crazy moon induced make out session. Let’s just say things don’t end well. Joanna’s problems go from bad to worse when she gets kidnapped by the former Pastor Dunn.

When Joanna doesn’t respond to Kat’s apologetic phone calls, Kat tracks down Penny to make sure Jo is OK. When Penny can’t reach her either, they both go to search. Separately, because Penny doesn’t trust the “backstabbing ho-bag” she takes Kat for. Kat gets help from Roxie and Penny runs into Jamie who offers to help her in order to try and get back in her good graces. Bun ends up being confronted by Darryl, who clearly terrifies her, but Mia steps in just in time. Meanwhile, Joanna uses her new telekinetic abilities to almost escape. Almost.

Of course it’s the witches who figure out where Joanna is, once they spot the Pastor. Unfortunately, she’s in a coffin that is about to be engulfed in flames. Which means it was the wrong statue and the wrong friend that needed saving. Roxie runs to try and rouse the fire department and she tells Kat to get the police. Instead, Kat tries to climb the pile to get to her friend. Will pulls her to safety, and as Kat screams and cries to be allowed to brave the fires again, it starts to rain. Just hard enough and long enough to put out the fire and allow for Joanna’s rescue. When she finds out that Kat walked through fire for her, she realizes that it’s Jo who really loves her – not Will. And that is far more valuable.

Roxie collects Bun to go home but is intercepted by Darryl. Bun wants nothing to do with him and keeps walking, but Roxie shares a hug with him and promises to call him later. Chad sees just enough of that to get upset. Roxie tells Bun she wants to work on understand her visions so she can better anticipate and change negative future events, which sets Bun off screaming that there is no changing fate. Which is too true, as we see Chad beat Darryl’s statue in front of the Eastwick Inn and watch as it inevitably falls on him, killing him.

What do you think of all the increasing powers? Will Chad’s death drive Roxie right into Darryl’s arms? Or will Jo and Kat talk some sense into her? Will Bun remember why she’s scared of Darryl or was he right — she does remember everything?  Was Jamie lying to Penny when he told her Darryl killed his mother? Was she the third woman in the old photograph?

Posted by:Jessica Paff