eastwick cast3 290 'Eastwick' Pastor 'Done' defeated by CatwomanExceeding all my expectations, “Eastwick” continues to be entertaining and fun. Though, with the characters considering divorce, struggling with a career and being haunted by their daughter’s almost-date-rapist, I am not sure they would agree.

Bun might agree, since she apparently remembers nothing since waking from her coma. She sits in her room, drawing triskeles upon anything she can get her hands on while singing “Three Blind Mice” to herself. Pastor Dunn thinks some of the townspeople of Eastwick are equally blind in regards to Darryl and he makes that opinion well known when he marches a group of protestors onto the ground breaking ceremony for Darryl’s latest business venture; the Eastwick brewery.

He causes enough of a stir, announcing he knows the truth about Darryl that Joanna decides to get an interview, but all he gives her are standard lines about blasphemers and the spiritual downfall of the town caused by women dancing in fountains. Joanna follows that by trying to get an interview with Darryl himself finished, but he takes a call, writes a not and hastily excuses himself. Using her Nancy Drew inspired investigation skills, she manages to nab his notepad and uses it to mount a stake out. Imagine her surprise when the “Tea House” turns out to be more like a cat house. Darryl is nowhere in site, but Pastor Dunn sure is. She manages to snap a couple of pictures before making a magical get away with Penny.

Speaking of magic, Cat’s is in full display again. Ray asks her out on a date to celebrate his return to the workforce. They never make it to the restaurant, opting to take a dip in the community pool instead. They find the water unseasonably warm, and as their sexcapade heats up, the water beings to boil. As they soak in the afterglow, Ray tries to reschedule dinner for the next Friday, but Cat has plans with “the girls”. When he demands that she stop hanging out with Joanna and Roxie, an argument errupts and pool ices over so fast that they barely make it out in time.

Meanwhile, Joanna is about to step in the shower when she hears someone break into her home. She retreats through a window while Cat is also running from her dysfunctional marriage and they both end up waiting for Roxie on her porch. She’s been trying to handle her guilt about Gus’s sudden death and rid herself of his ghost, but other than telling him off and nearly making a medium choke to death, she hasn’t made much headway. She lets both of her friends stay the night while she gets guidance from her daughter. Mia admits she went to Gus’s memorial, because he had a family who cared and she wanted to honor whatever part of him that was worthy of that and to make herself feel better about her own guilt. It’s in sharp contrast to Darryl’s advice that Roxie embrace the spirit of vengeance.

The next morning, Joanna is overjoyed to find her story on the wayward pastor is on the front page. The pastor is less than thrilled, as evidenced by him stabbing at her photo with his pen and promising some vengeance of his won. Whatever happened to turning the other cheek? Roxie and Mia go to Gus’s house to return a shirt of his to his mother and offer their condolences on her loss. When Roxie says she’s sorry, the ghost of Gus finally disappears, giving her some peace. Cat’s morning is less smooth, as she returns home to find the house empty and the card for the divorce lawyer Darryl had given her intact, despite her having torn it up, and on the fridge with a note from her husband telling her to go to hell.

The evening ends with Darryl burning items from Joanna’s corkboard of information about him. When he gets to the picture of a younger him with Bun, Eleanor and an unknown third woman, Ben’s pages of triskeles also erupts into flames.

Oh-Em-Gee, was anyone else bothered by Roxie and Mia having to apologize to the jerk who was intending to rape her? What do you think of the budding relationship between her and Josh? Is it cheesy or creepy that he’s Chad’s younger brother? How much are you loving the 80’s references? How close to figuring out Joanna’s ability do you think Penny is? How adorable was Jo about the Catwoman get up?

Posted by:Jessica Paff