cybill shepherd 'Eastwick': Red ants and black widowsTonight on “Eastwick,” Cybill Shepherd gets more involved and that’s always a good thing.

Roxie sees Chad in a dream where his final request is that she “follow the signs.” The first sign she finds is a Post-It note on a hammer that says, “Return to Darryl Van Horne.” She goes to see Darryl, who convinces her to attend Chad’s funeral (even though she was disinvited by Chad’s parents). After knocking Chad’s grandpa into an open grave (eye roll), she sees a girl wearing the shirt Chad had on when he came to her in the dream.

Turns out Chad was taking guitar lessons from her and had just recorded a song for Roxie’s birthday called “I Shall Be Released.” Roxie interprets this as Chad wanting her to release herself. She goes to Darryl for help “releasing herself” and he says she needs to move on. To him. Roxie says no, she needs to do it by herself.

Joanna is all a-flutter about her telekinesis, but everyone is pooh-poohing her and chalking it up to PTSD. She’s so excited about the telekinesis that she doesn’t even care about being replaced at work. Her replacement is Max Brody (the yummy Jason Winston George) and they have sparkage. He says she has to recreate the feelings that started her powers in the first place, so she drags him to the Ferris Wheel at the carnival because she’s afraid of heights.

They go up on the ride and she swings the bar open so that she can use her powers to latch it back into place because she’ll be scared like she was when Pastor Dunn kidnapped her. Max is completely freaked out and tells her she needs to face what happened to her.

Kat finally has to notice her Mother Nature powers when she magically heals the cut on her daughter’s arm with the swipe of a finger. When Eleanor comes to the hospital after seeing a commercial for Darryl Van Horne selling the town’s water, freaking out, running out into the road and collapsing, she recognizes Kate as someone who has “the gift.” Kat is the Eleanor of her group. Eleanor then disappears, so Kat goes after her with Bun, hoping Eleanor can help Bun get her memory back.

Eleanor gives Bun a mixture to drink  then jams knitting needles in the back of her neck, which releases all the ants inside her. GROSS. After Kat and Eleanor stomp them to death, Bun is back to her old self. Kat leaves and Eleanor and Bun decide they need to kill Darryl. Again.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Greasy Stool. What an EXCELLENT name for a bar.

  • I was expecting more from this episode. As much as I like the Joanna-Max sparks, I found both her storyline and Roxie’s storyline really boring. The only interesting plot this week was Eleanor, Bun and Kat.
  • So if Kat is the Eleanor and (I’m assuming) Roxie is the Bun, who is Joanna’s counterpart? Jamie’s dead mom?
  • Joanna: Why did you do that?
    Max: Because I’m young and attractive and have no interest in plunging to my death.
  • Max: Where would we be without critical thought?
    Joanna: Floating on a rainbow cloud full of marshmallow bunnies?

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