eastwick cast3 290 'Eastwick': Spooky moon madnessSometimes shows need to take a break from story arcs and give us a good, stand alone episode. That’s what “Eastwick” did tonight.

Darryl has dinner with all the girls and he tells them about the upcoming moon cycle, which returns once a century and makes the town go crazy in a “frenzy of orgiastic bliss.” The girls laugh over the myth while Kat confronts Will, who is still not speaking to Joanna. They are proud of her for having the chutzpah, but their celebration is short lived as Mrs. Dunn comes over and gives them an earful. It’s not only about how they destroyed her husband, the former pastor who has since disappeared, but about how the whole town finds all of their behavior disgusting.

Kat has decided to explore her newfound freedom, if somewhat tentatively. The girls think she should ask their waiter out, but she’s starting much smaller.  Apparently, having lunch by herself was on her bucket list. So was ‘run a 5k for charity’ and ‘bake crackers’ or something equally boring. I have to agree with Darryl when he calls it a “suck it list.” The one intriguing thing on the list is her desire to sing. So, when the moon if full, she belts out a tune in a sultry red dress. In fact, things get so heated that restaurant goes up in flames. Fortunately, volunteer fireman Will comes. Unfortunately that spark that she said she was missing with Ray? Shows up.

Joanna is finding out that she’s only as good as her last headline and Clyde wants her to follow up her expose on father Dunn with something equally grabbing. She flounders for an idea and Penny challenges her to go back to her story about Darryl’s mysterious past, reminding her of a lead she got for her. Joanna follows it up and the lead is a complete bust. With her deadline a few hours away and the moon huge in the sky, she decides to write a story about all the unanswered questions about Darryl’s past. It sounds like a great idea – so much so that Penny lays a big smooch on her friend that is a bit more than friendly.

With everyone’s judgment clouded by the lunar lunacy, Clyde runs it on the front page. The next morning, Darryl (remember, he owns the paper) is in the office asking what gives. Oh, and by the way, printing a bunch of theories that include faked death, stolen identities and so forth is somewhat libelous. Especially when the person the story is written about can provide proof refuting almost every claim while expressing his personal disappointment in a trusted friend. All except the picture of Sebastian Hart…which was stolen. Alas, it’s just that sort of reporting that can – and does – get a girl fired.

Roxie admits her suspicion that she might have some psychic ability to Chad, who reveals his comic book fandom (hot!) and offers to be her Professor X. To which Roxie responds “I have no idea who Professor X is.” Yeah right, Mystique! Anyway, she attempts to figure out what is going on with Mia using this ability and as the moon comes closer, the ability gets stronger. And so does that orgiastic bliss. As such, she and Chad get picked up for indecent exposure. Which is where she gets some quality time with her daughter, who was picked up for vandalism. With Chad’s younger brother, Josh.

Roxie demands to know what’s going on between them and Mia reveals her shallow side by admitting that she didn’t tell her mom she was hanging out with Josh because it would ruin her reputation and she was embarrassed. By the way, Josh is still in the room when she reveals all this. In the end, Roxie agrees to back off if Mia agrees to include her more and they compose an apology text to Josh together. Kat denies there having been any sparks during her lounge act, though form what Darryl said there was more than a spark and she has a pocket full of regret because of it. The final scene is Roxie attempting more psychic feats, but the flash she gets is of a funeral.

Thus, there was nothing about triskeles, Jamie or Bun. But don’t despair! If the spoilers are any indication, they are all coming back in a big way. Who is going to die? Does Penny really like Joanna? Will Kat tell Joanna about what happened between her and Will? What did happen, exactly?

Posted by:Jessica Paff